Lora’s Top 10

multi-shot-500-gram_america_s_pastimeAmerica’s Pastime Red green stars. Flying fish. Crackle. Colors: Blue, Gold, Green, Red and White / Silver


multi-shot-500 gram-Battle_Cry

Battle Cry 9 shot shell burst silver glitter waterfall



multi-shot_200 gram-bite_your_tushyBite Your Tushy Whistling tail to red, green, blue; whistling tail to pink, green glitter; scream tail to blue, silver glitter; whistling tail to lemon, blue; whistling tail to red, green, blue with white glitter.


Breathless This fountain has several stages of different effects, including flowers, dragon balls, and more colors than you can count. The Breathless Fountain is an excellent addition to any fireworks display.


multi-shot_200 gram-captain_jakeCaptain Jake Chrysanthemum mine to brocade crown, red dahlia sparkler; green dahlia sparkler; purple dahlia sparkler; blue dajlia sparkler; lemon dahlia sparkler; orange dahlia sparkler; chrysanthemum.


artillery shells_excalibur
Excalibur   The #1 selling artillery shell of all time! A Jake’s Fireworks original, the Excalibur has been wowing fireworks enthusiasts of all ages for the last decade and will continue to wow them for years to come.



Gorilla Warfare  Gorilla Warfare fireworks from World Class. How do I describe the red? Rich, luscious, deep, perfect…..? Beats me, see for yourself and you tell me. This cake will soon take over a portion of the market in the country as one of the top-selling 500 gram cakes out there, no question. The factory has done everything right on this one, the timing, the lift, the breaks, and of course, the color. Don’t miss out on this one, you’ll be sorry you did. 30 shots of blue mines to red dahlia with white glitter….nuf said. Packed 4/1.


Greeen  Green dahlia sparkler



Mesmerize Emits shower of noisy silver flowers carrying with color beads chrysanthemums, whistle and crackles



Multi-Shot/CakeTrue Art  Brocade crown & white glitter; Chicken blood red, sky blue & green glitter; Brocade crown & red glitter; Light green/siver & red glitter; Brocade crown & lemon glitter; Sky blue & lemon/red glitter; Brocade crown to red/green