Welcome to a unique
and very profitable fund-raising opportunity!

Operating a firework retail outlet is an excellent, fun-filled, and quick way to raise money for your Youth, Civic, or Religious organization, or simply for your family.

It Couldn’t Be Easier!

All you need is a group of individuals to manage the tent; Deaton Fireworks provides your group with everything else you need to succeed:

  • firework tent
  • merchandise
  • location
  • supplies
  • cash registers

Deaton Fireworks will pay your group according to the final gross sales at your specific tent location. The actual amount of money raised by your group will vary, but you could easily raise $1500, $2500, even $3000 during this 12 day period! Not bad!

We Want You To Succeed!

  • Fireworks-4Your group is not responsible for any financial up-front contribution
  • Your group does not have to pre-purchase the firework inventory you will be using
  • Deaton Fireworks supplies the merchandise
  • Deaton Fireworks retains ownership of any products remaining after the selling period

And since Deaton Fireworks is a family-run business, a family member will be checking on your group’s tent on a daily basis to make sure everything is running correctly. Since most of our tent locations are within a 30-minute drive of where we live, we are always available to your group.

A tent can be managed correctly with a minimum of 4 part-time individuals, but any additional workers make the overall job easier for everyone involved.

When Can We Sell?

The State of Arkansas allows the sale of fireworks during two periods of each calendar year:

  • June 20th – July 10th
  • December 20th – January 5th

Deaton Fireworks summer selling period usually runs for 12 days, beginning around June 24th until July 5th. Our winter selling period normally operates for 3-4 days around the New Year’s Eve holiday (Actual dates vary according to demand).

If this fun-filled opportunity sounds interesting to you and your group, please contact us today.